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LEAGUE OF UNREAL DANCING INC. (L.O.U.D) is an organization for young men and women, reaching nationally and internationally, that provides an outlet for dancers to express their individuality.

The high stakes, highly competitive nature of L.O.U.D, similar to that of a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Challenge) match, is fused with the excitement and gritty nature of street dance.


What makes L.O.U.D unique is the raw, unrehearsed energy of the crowd, the unique theme of its dancers, and the unpredictable battles that take place. At the same time our outlet is all about bringing community together through competition.



League Of Unreal Dancing, Inc.

Owner: Shawn Griffith


Brooklyn, NY

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My name is Shawn Griffith and I'm the business side of LOUD. I wear a lot of hats , but whenever someone asks me what I do, I usually respond with “Whatever It Takes”. I started off as the manager of B.S.V - Bed Stuy Veterans, a dance group that started a hostile takeover of the underground dancing culture.


Household dance sessions, with the goal of simply having fun, soon turned into block party dance battles. Those soon became club dance battles. Seeing an opportunity for growth, Me & Ghost formed LOUD.

I’m the Owner & Founder. I created LOUD to build a platform for dancers to battle, showcase their skills and receive commercial opportunities.


"I don’t dance, but i do the Hustle." - Shiz Hustle

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